Hi, I'm Nathan Amaral. 
I’m the founder of Fearless Millionaire, a home for real estate investors to gain clarity, confidence, and cash flow.
I’m often asked about my history and career as an entrepreneur, so I thought I share that with you here…

After years of struggling to understand what it takes to launch a real estate business, I found that the answer was inside. There are five little-known secrets about real estate investing which will change your life forever if used correctly by investors like me who have spent their entire careers learning from one mistake after another until finally figuring them out on accident (and some creative trial). Fearless Millionaire is not just for big shots - anyone can use these simple steps in order to become successful without fail or hesitation; whether you're a first-timer with $5k worth or building an empire...


I was working three jobs trying to make ends meet...


It had been a two years since I started reading, networking, and going to seminar after seminar. I hadn’t made any money since then, and that felt terrible. I knew I needed to make a change.

I launched my business from the staff room of a retail store – and it started with a phone call to 11 motivated sellers. That was at the height of the 2005 market.

I’ll never forget how nervous I was the very first time I made an offer on a property.

Back then, my business was a simple wholesaling model. I just kept studying and listening for the answer in order to make money with no problem at all! But it wasn't until one day when everything changed...

And that’s when I knew I was onto something…

Back then, almost no one in the Real Estate investing world talked about how to build confidence, to become "Fearless”… and the the idea of a “million dollar business” seemed way in the distant future. But now, in the post-Fearless Freedom Formula world, million dollar (and multi-million dollar) business hardly raise an eyebrow. I would never say they’re routine, and happen often.

I kept refining my “Freedom Formula” process, and the results kept getting better… until my formula was almost guaranteed.

I started sharing what I learned about gaining clarity and confidence, with some investors  I knew. And their results were incredible.

Pretty soon, I was getting asked to speak on stage and teach people about how they can use my formula to launch their own investing businesses. The amazing results continued to pour in – and that’s when I decided to turn it into a step-by-step program that anyone could follow.

And of course, there are a lot of things that have changed in my life since that very first deal.

These days I mostly live in Uganda, Africa & Azores on an island with my wife and three children. I’ve got an amazing (and growing) team that helps me teach entrepreneurs how to start and grow the business of their dreams. I also put on local live events and train investors from around round the world.

And I still get to spend a lot of time giving back – I have enough time to work on my passions. I get to spend a lot of time with family, my extended family, and the children that we sponsor through our non-profit.

All of this was possible because I decided it was time to take control of my life and work the business from the inside out. It’s my life goal to help people around the world create the Real Estate business and the lifestyle of their dreams.

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