3 Simple Steps to a Prosperous Future

cashflow clarity confidence Oct 17, 2016

For most of us, we have a dream of a happy and prosperous future – a place filled with abundance and the trappings of success. It’s a dream we cherish, a dream we nurture, a dream…that never seems to become reality.

It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

We hold on to our dream as we watch others soar past us…and wonder where we went wrong. We know we have passion. We know we have skills. We just don’t know how to bridge the gap – how to stop wishing for prosperity…and actually create it in our lives.

It doesn’t have to be so challenging. I’ve spent years helping others create wealth and success in their lives.

Here are 3 simple steps that will move you toward a more prosperous future.

1. Change your dream into a plan.

A dream of prosperity is nice. It warms our thoughts and gives us something to think about when we’re having a bad day. The trouble is, it’s not real. A dream is ephemeral, a wisp of a thought, a glimmer of hope in our life.

A plan, however, is something tangible. It’s something concrete – something you can take action on. A plan can be broken down into goals, it can be plotted out on a calendar, it can become real.

Rather than fantasizing about a dream of prosperity, start developing a plan for prosperity.


2. Recognize the prosperity that already exists in your life.

When you talk to most millionaires, they will tell you that the hardest million they ever made was their first. It was the longest climb and the steepest learning curve. Once they passed that barrier, it became much easier to build on that success and make another million…and another…. and another.

Our minds tend to view prosperity as a steep uphill climb. We envision ourselves sitting at the starting gate, just beginning our long, arduous trek up the hill. But what if we viewed it differently? Rather than coming at prosperity from a position of lacking, what if we approached the subject with an abundant mindset?  

If you look at the richness and success that already exists in your life, you’ll realize that you’re already on the journey to prosperity – and well past the difficult starting point.

3. Define what prosperity means to you.  

For most of us, when we think about prosperity, we think about the financial rewards and what that will bring to our life. But money is only a currency. It’s simply a means to an end. What we should be focusing on is the feeling we get when we succeed. It’s the joy we feel in being able to comfortably provide for our family, the excitement of getting to travel or work from anywhere, the satisfaction we feel in making a difference in the world.  

It’s the emotions that we really want to experience – not the material trappings. Like money, possessions are simply a means to an end.  Focus on the end result – the emotions you want to achieve – rather than the physical comforts you’ll obtain. The emotional element has a much stronger pull. It can provide motivation along the journey and keep you on track.     

A happy and prosperous future is within your reach.  You simply have to reframe your thoughts around prosperity. In doing so, you will create momentum and the abundance in your life will rapidly accelerate.

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