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From Nathan (Me):

I will never forget walking into my boss’s office at a "BIG NAME BRAND" real estate education company, to tell him I was moving on to open my own company and help people gain more clarity, confidence, and cashflow...

It wasn't a simple decision but I just had to do it.

After years of listening to customers tell me what their biggest challenge was and why they were really stuck in their business, I knew the truth... BUT I had to "Stick to the script, or you can walk out the door..." my manager would say pointing to the exit...

I was tired of not giving out the real solutions to the customer. Knowing exactly what they needed but was only allowed to offer another seminar or home study program...

So I decided to leave. I started my own company helping investors the best way I knew how, using the powerful methods that my coach had taught me, from the inside out!

But enough about me... I’m writing this for YOU.

If you’re reading this, it means you’re the type of person who doesn’t want to settle. You want to give yourself the best life possible.

I started Fearless Millionaire so you could experience clarity, confidence and cashflow.

There's an important truth in this world that your parents probably didn't tell you when you were growing up...

Even your teachers never taught you, and that truthfully you probably haven't experienced it yet...

You’ve been tricked into thinking hard work is what determines success.

That the key to wealth and riches, diamonds and sports cars, is to put in your time and do a good job.

That as long as you’re a good person, your dream partner will just come walking into your life one day, because that’s what you deserve.

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, you’ve been sold a LIE!

Gurus will tell you that if you just buy "this thing", that you entire business will change and you will earn more income to quit your job in 30 days!...


That’s why you see people who aren’t smarter than you getting deals and living their ideal life (and the money that goes with it!)

That’s why you see people who aren’t better than you getting the deals that you want.

And that’s why despite doing all the things you’ve been told you should do, you haven’t been able to get the life you want and dream of.

It isn’t just what you know, it’s who you know. And it isn’t just what you do, it’s what others are willing to do FOR you.

If you aren't fearless, you’re going to lose out in life to folks that don’t deserve to be beating you. But they will beat you. Again and again.

That’s what we learned when John didn’t even get one deal closed for over three years...

It isn’t fair, but deep down we all know that this is how the world works.


It’s helps you manage the most important thing in your life... This bleeds into everything...

What would life be like if you had the tools to ‘turn it on’ and confidently do business at a moment’s notice?

I decided to create Fearless Millionaire after it became clear to me that:

  • I wasn’t the only one being held back in their business by a lack of confidence
  • Most people, including myself for most of my life, are situationally confident. They’re great in small familiar groups, but in large groups or high pressure situations they become hesitant and meek (especially with work superiors, gorgeous members of the opposite sex, and the people they most admire)
  • Too many people are worried to take risks.  Whether it’s starting a business, getting a promotion, or talking to the incredibly attractive person at the bar, they miss out on getting what they deserve because they don’t have the confidence to go for it or the confidence to make it happen

Can you think of a time recently yourself when you felt like this?

When you saw someone you wanted to connect with but you didn’t even try…

When you hesitated and you let an opportunity pass you by…

Maybe it's the potential deal and the numbers seemed to look right but you just were not sure...

Maybe it’s a potential mentor, someone you look up to, someone who can guide you and inspire you to achieve the kind of massive success they’ve had in their own lives.

You want to talk to them. But you hesitate, and a tiny voice in your head throws you off. Or worse, you DO try, and after a few minutes of terrible, forced conversation, they excuse themselves to get away.

If you’ve ever been at a conference or a networking event, seen someone successful you wanted to talk to and done nothing about it, you are not alone. If you’ve ever been at a coffee shop or walking down the street, seen someone that made your head turn and done nothing but watch them walk away, you are not alone.

We’ve all been there. Every single person I’ve ever met has been there.

And you know what, we’ve missed out on life-changing opportunities that could have massively enhanced our lives.

Alex Closes His First Deal $14,000!!!


Do You know what’s different?

What’s special?

ANSWER: The person that does something about it.

Are you ready to be that person?

Will You Be Our Next Success Story?

Here's What You Get...

After we get on the phone and I determine that we're going to be a good fit, we will get to work right away. You will get this:

52 Weeks - WEEKLY COACHING CALLS - This is to ensure that you are held accountable to your goals. We will have regularly scheduled calls.

Ask Me Questions Anytime  - You will be able to email, text and even video chat with me right from your phone, tablet or computer so it will seem like I'm "right by your side" 

Private Facebook Group. - Get access to my awesome community where you can share your success and struggles, and can even get connected with other investors.

All Fearless Programs- You will get complete access to all my current courses, books and guides, and exclusive event invites.

Custom Action Plan, Just For You - This is not some “cookie cutter”, one size fits all plan. Everyone is different. Every market is different.  You and I will figure out a plan that works for you, in your market, and in your budget.

You won't be distracted by a bunch of shiny objects that beg for your attention.

This coaching program is all about accountability and implementation. Every time we talk, you will report on your numbers.  

My 100% "They Call Me Crazy" GUARANTEE - If you do everything I tell you to do (fully implement your marketing plan and complete your homework tasks and reports), and you don't make the money or you have to put it on hold within the 12 months, I will continue to work with you until money shows up in your bank account. That's how much I believe you will win.

Jen & Ken Real Estate Investors

Another deal! This one is for $34,000! Thank you so much Nathan for the "little mental tweaks"

Here's What It Can Do For You…

Are you tired of spending 10's of thousands of dollars on home study courses, binders of books and cds that do NOTHING for you but leave you confused, lost and hopeless? I know what that's like... It's so frustrating!

Here's my promise... If you do what I say, and invest in the marketing and systems that I give you, you can have a business of doing deals and getting bank wires into your account!... I guarantee it. So if you're interested in that, here's what my coaching can do for you...

Financial Security - You really CAN make a full-time income in Real Estate, working less than part-time.  This isn't some pie in the sky / pipe dream. I have countless members that have done this.

Location Independence - Learn how to do deals from anywhere in the world. Take a European adventure for 6 months. Sit on the beaches of Portugal and Spain for 4 months like I did, or visit Africa's beautiful National Parks.  Why not?  I've done all that and more in the last few years... with a family of 4.  If I can do it, there's no reason why you cannot.

Peace of Mind - When you have the right coach, you don't need to be afraid of making a mistake anymore.  I've got your back. Don't worry about the details yet.  Don't worry about steps 9 & 20.  Just focus on steps 1 & 2.  I will help you with the rest.  

A Clear Sense of Direction - No more confusion and complexity, wondering what to do next, which marketing campaigns to run and when. You will know your "One Thing" that you need to do every day.  It's all about simplicity and execution.

Finally Work "On" Your Business Instead Of "In" It - If you work with me, you will quickly discover that the less you work, the more you will make. Focus will make you rich.  By the end of our coaching arrangement, you will become laser focused on what gives you the best return on your time.

Get Exposure - When you close a deal, I would love to interview you on my podcast and tell our community all about it!

"They Call Me Crazy"

My 100% "They Call Me Crazy" GUARANTEE - If you do everything I tell you to do (fully implement your marketing plan and complete your homework tasks and reports), and you don't make any money or you have to put it on hold within the 12 months, I will continue to work with you until money shows up in your bank account. That's how much I believe you will win.

Forrest Mcghee - Real Estate Investor

Nathan has an amazing gift of helping others develop and take action on their goals. His ability to motivate and inspire is remarkable! It’s obvious that he truly cares about seeing you succeed.

Through his teaching, he shows you, step by step, how to live the life you were meant to lead. Since meeting him, my life has changed for the better. I have gained such clarity and been able to tackle some of my most important goals and desires.

My income has already increased substantially based on what I have learned from him. There are many personal development gurus out there. I know; I’ve studied them all. Nathan’s guidance is the only one that has made a measurable, sustainable difference in my life.

Here's Who I Can't Help...

I only work with a few select people. That's why I have an application that everyone must fill out. You need to meet the following criteria...

If you are broke, please don't apply. As much as I'd like to, I cannot offer free coaching.  And I don't do deal splits with students from the start but I do offer partnership with clients that have closed over five deals. If you can't afford coaching right now, that's fine, it's temporary right? There are tons of really good resources and free education on my podcast, Fearless Millionaire Podcast.

This is not some get rich quick scheme - where you can make money without any work.  You have to be willing to send out consistent marketing, every week.  If you're looking for an easy push button machine to make money for you, this ain't it.  It's close...  But it isn't it.

To repeat what I said above....  I can't help someone who can't make a decision to take action today.  If this isn't the right time for you, that's okay.  If you apply, and we get on the phone, you need to give me a "yes" or a "no".  It's okay to say "no".  But you can't say, "I need to think about it."  

Once we're on the phone, I need to know that you're ready to pull the trigger TODAY.


We've been working with Nathan for almost 1 year. He is very creative and is always coming up with several strategies for his deals. He explains the business in a way that we can understand. Nathan has given us very valuable information that we implemented into our business. He is truly an inspiration to us as our Mentor and we are grateful to have him as our Leader. He truly is the Fearless Millionaire!
Michael Fertig

You’ll discover what's really holding you back and what to do to improve.

Here’s just SOME of the things you’ll gain while a member of Fearless Millionaire Investor Coaching:

  • Consistently make great first impressions so that whether you talk to someone for 30 seconds or 30 minutes, they’ll remember you over everyone else they met
  • Command attention every time you walk into a room so that eyes are drawn to you even before you even speak
  • Tell stories that get people hanging on your every word and have them asking to do business with you.
  • Have conversations that flow effortlessly, so you won’t have those awkward moments of silence where the other person politely excuses themselves
  • Know how to connect instantly and deeply so you can feel certain they’ll want to see you again.
  • Have proven tools to turn on your natural confidence in those moments where you normally would draw back.
  • Be able to connect with older, more successful business mentors and make them eager to help you get where they already are.
  • End, once and for all, those frustrating moments where you freeze up, you feel your heart beat quicken, and you can’t think of anything to do or say.
  • Feel confident with the property opportunities you structure WITHOUT having to think twice about what you are doing, making it sound all natural.
  • Never be the person standing alone, pulling out your phone and checking email every 5 minutes. You’ll be the person leading conversation and bringing energy to the conversation.

Even if you feel like your life today is so far from your target that you can’t even see it, Fearless Millionaire Investor Coaching will take you step-by-step each leg of the journey, guiding you along so that as long as you follow the program, you’re guaranteed to see massive gains!

Chris Tracy - Investor

I have been working with Nathan and have been a member of his exclusive Fearless Millionaire program for a few years now and he taught me so much about sales and marketing...

I don't even know where to begin to describe how much of a valuable resource this guy is and not to mention just an all around awesome individual! Not only have I learned so much from Nathan...

He motivated me big time and every time I talk to him, my creative juices are flowin'... He always shares some amazing information and resources that help me in my business. I'm so grateful to know Nathan, as he has helped me be fearless!

Here's What To Do Next...

Do You Think You Have What It Takes To Live A Life Of "Fearless Abundance" & Make A Full-Time Income In Real Estate, While Traveling Around The World?

If you do think you have what it takes, click the RED APPLY NOW button below.

Here's what will happen next...

If you're a good fit, then you and I will get on the phone and work out the details. Sound good?

Click the button below to proceed...

Antonio Norton Success Story

Tolvanen Testimonial

Tony Baker

Dave Seymour - Real Estate Investor - TV Star of A&E and Bragging Rights

As a master of overcoming fear, I have stayed close to Nathan and his teachings his energy has been invaluable in all that I do.

Monica - Stay At Home Mom

I have been a stay at home mom for the last 20 years, after leaving a corporate job. This year, after 4 years of "learning", I decided to work with Nathan to help me pull the trigger to get my deals happening. Not only did I do my first 3 deals, but I have 4 more properties under contract. With only these 3 deals closed to date, I have already earned more money in these few months, than I have in my whole time at home with my kids.

What I appreciate about Nathan is, that I can be real with him about my concerns or fears, and he walks through it with me. Most of what I feared never even  came to pass. He is a genuine person, who sincerely cares about his students and their success.

I finally know what I want to do when I grow up! :)
Thanks so much!!

Stacy Conkey

Thank You Nathan for being you and continuing to reach high and sets an awesome example.

Jerome Bethea

Nathan, that I am not only impressed but extremely encouraged and blown away that you not only want to see me exceed, but are taking up the yoke to help me in this way.  I am blown away and I thank you.  I am excited and hope that we continue to build each other up as time continues to move.

I have to say, "we", in this endeavor because I feel that you are a vital part of my team both intellectually but more importantly, emotionally and I can't thank you enough.  We're going to knock this one out of the park!

I do feel that adding you as coach to the progress will help me manage any and all properties we acquire better, acquire more properties, and have even more of a peace of mind and I look forward to doing that as well.

Thanks again, Nathan

About Nathan Amaral

For over 15 years Nathan has been building businesses and has a long list of successful entrepreneurial ventures to his name – real estate investor, private money lender, speaker and creator of the Fearless Millionaire Freedom Formula, a step by step system to getting to a million, faster.

How Much Does It Really Cost?

If you want this kind of a virtual, automated real estate business that I have been talking about, within 12 months, how much would it be worth to you?  
I want you to think about two numbers...
1) What are you making right now in real estate?
2) How much do you want to make per year?
Now, what's the difference in that number?  $50,000?  $100,000?  $500,000?
If I can help you get there in 6-12 months, how much is that worth to you?
What % of that income are you willing to invest in your financial independence, for your family's financial independence?  
I understand… This is not for everyone. Maybe you can't swing it right now.... That's totally cool. It's okay to say no. I might offer this again… (Maybe... maybe not.)
So if you value the best coaching program in the country, how much is it worth to you? You tell me.
I am looking for a few entrepreneurs I can help to bring in a windfall profits. I am going to be working closely with you, one-on-one, for 12 months. On our strategy call, we will discuss if this is a good fit for both of us.
Book a free consultation below and let me know what you think this is worth to you and if you believe you are ready to leave the rest behind and get completely focused on your Real Estate Business like never before.

Earning Disclaimer: We do not believe in get rich schemes, and there are no guarantees that you will make money if you join this program. In fact, it’s a sad truth that most that attempt to get started in real estate investing are not successful. We very much believe that this program is best in class, and will give you all the knowledge and tools you need to start your investing business – but we can’t guarantee the missing ingredient… your willingness to work hard, your ‘whatever it takes’ mentality, focus, and perhaps a little bit of luck. For the systems we provide or recommend, there may be additional subscription options available through the providers, but the ‘free’ versions are all you likely need to get started doing deals. We’ll connect you with leading lenders hungry for your business, but can’t guarantee that you’ll get funding – we have no control over your creditworthiness, as defined by any lenders. We and our advisors want nothing more than for you to be successful, but you should always do your own homework, seek your own counsel, etc. We wish we didn’t have to share this disclaimer, but our attorney said to do it, as some do not take personal responsibility for their own lack of success. But – we very much want everyone that joins this program to exceed their own personal goals, and believe with every ounce of our being that real estate investing provides the best opportunity for that. If you have determination, hustle and are coachable – the rest is easy!