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Are you wasting time on the wrong things?

Season #3 Episode #8

It's easy to get distracted when starting a business. With much to learn and little time in the day it's no wonder many feel like they are overwhelmed with the learning curve that goes into Real Estate investing. We...
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How to gain more time in a week

Season #3 Episode #7

Time is the most valuable asset in life, as you know, we don't get it back. So getting the most we can out of a work week is important as a business owner. In this episode, we share software and tips that have helped...
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When to self close a deal

Season #3 Episode #6

There are a few ways to close a Real Estate deal. Most know the traditional way, but we uncover how you can do a self closing under certain situations as a cheaper and faster option.聽 Get free training on how to get...
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Tips to stay organized in Real Estate

Season #3 Episode #5

There is a lot to do in a Real Estate business and if you don't manage your time well you can get lost in the details. In this episode, we share simple tips that have helped us automate and organize our Real Estate...
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How Mike gets more done from the beach

Season #3 Episode #4

In this episode, Mike shares how he gets more done from the beach then in the mountains. 馃槅 We also share tips on how to market properties to buyers and how to nurture for repeat buyers.聽 Here are some of the resources...
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The Benefits of Remote Remote Real Estate

Season #3 Episode #3

There are so many benefits to being in Real Estate, that's why it's the number one asset class to build wealth. In this episode, we share even more benefits of remote Real Estate which can be a completely new concept...
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Should I get money from the government?

Season #3 Episode #2

There is a lot of chatter recently about using the stimulus money that the government will be offering, should you take it? We discuss that and more on this episode.聽 Get free training on how to get started in Real...
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Houses VS Land

Season #3 Episode #1

Most people who think about getting started in real estate start off in houses, simply because they see it on TV with a famous show... but there are many other ways to get in the game. Often times it can intimidate...
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New Year, New Season, New Show, 2021!

Season #3

Welcome to a new year, a brand new season of the Fearless Millionaire podcast. We kick off 2021 with a new show called: NO FEAR INVESTING SHOW Where my business partner Mike McKenzie and I clear the fog about getting...
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